A Half Mile Stronger

I was so excited after todays workout. I once again I have beaten my all time running distance. I know you're going to get sick of me saying that every time I run further and further, but oh well, get use to it. It's kind of a big deal to me! Like I said before, when I started the quest the furthest that I had ever run at one time was a little over a mile... and that killed me!

Todays run was all about willpower. I've been telling myself since my last attempt at this that I was able to do this and I had no excuses for not doing it. I think on monday I just wasn't with it. Today I did something that I had never done before... I ran with my eyes closed most of the time. opening my eyes the slightest bit every once and a while to make sure where I was on the treadmill. (I didn't want to fall off and kill myself) but when I closed my eyes, It's like everything in the world disappeared and I could focus on my breathing, and my running form. When I have my eyes open It's like every little thing is a distraction. Even that little Imperfection on the wall that I stare at throws me all off! What am I to do. when I finally start running outside I'm doomed! I can't close my eyes, I'll end up getting hit by a car, or sprain my ankle in a pothole. So, I am just going to have to figure something out. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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the old guy said...

Hey Greg
Don't worry about the distractions becoming a problem. After a while you will WANT to find lots of distractions to keep your mind busy while you run. At least that's how it is for me. BTW how's the hip and the stretching going. Any better?

Kopperz said...

When we had to do the cross country meets at Culver (which was the worst part of my week) the girl that always won every meet gave us great advice. She said that a good way to push yourself is to find sometime (ie- a tree) and to tell yourself, I'm just going to run to the tree, then after you hit that landmark you look for another one. Basically finding landmarks and focusing on them as goals rather than distractions might help.
Keep it up Gerg!

Greg Kopp said...

Dad- The Hip is still the same. I've tried the stretches, with no luck. I can run, its after I run that it really ends up hurting. I feel like it's really out of place, because the same thing was happening to the other hip and it popped and a day or 2 later if felt better.

Sarah- I do that all the time when I am running. I look down at the milage and I say ok... I am just going to run till .75 miles... then 1.4.... It really does work but it takes a lot to really keep running. Its a constant battle!! haha!