He's On Fire!

Okay, I may not actually be on fire, but this is what Mandy saw right after my 2.5 mile run on friday. You may have to watch it a second time to really see what you are supposed to, but if look closely I am steaming.

Call me crazy but I think thats it's kind of weird because I am inside... It's not like I am outside in the freezing cold, it has to be at least 65 degrees in there. This ever happen to anyone else??

Well, this next week is the start of my almost 3 week vacation, and I am getting really nervous about it. I am hoping that I will be able to keep up the running while I am gone. I know that I'll have the support of my entire family, but it still scares me. Not only will I be running outside, but I am going to be at a much higher altitude. That alone is going to have an affect on how far and how long I am going to be able to run. I just hope this vacation isn't going to throw me off too much. I just need to be careful about what I eat while I am out there, and just try as hard as I can. I should have at least one more post before I am off to utah, but keep your fingers crossed for me while I am out there!

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mom said...

AGHHH!!! Spontaneous human combustion is more common than you think. On the other hand...maybe you're not steaming...maybe you're smokin...as is getting too hot for your bad self. Be careful or the guys will stop hitting on Rob and turn to you!!