About Me

Hey Everyone! My name is Greg Kopp, and I am the founder/ inspiration of A Fat Man's Marathon. I am a 26 year old photographer, computer guru (not nerd), and wanna-be chef. My battle with weight started when I was about 8 or 9 and has been a problem ever since. I don't know what exactly triggered it, but I found comfort in food, and never looked back.

I decided to start Fat Man's Marathon one day while I was sitting on my computer. I was sick and tired of always being depressed about how I looked, how I felt, and how much I weighed, and decided enough was enough. I decided I was going to run a marathon. I started a blog so I could tell people about what I was doing, and have some way of holding myself accountable. I knew that if i was going to do this I would need motivation to keep myself going. So, I put myself on a pedestal for everyone to watch! I knew If i did that there was no way I was going to quit.

One thing that I would like this site to be is a place that people can turn to for help, advice, and motivation. I know the road to weight loss is hard and long, and I would like to be there for everyone that is willing to take it. please feel free to contact me at any time and share your stories, goals, battles and successes! Good Luck to everyone!