Not Even Close

Okay, today was an extremely bad running day. I was supposed to run 2 3/4 miles and i was nowhere near that when I pooped out. I was at 1 3/4 miles. I don't really know what happened today. But I guess the fact that I did run rather than just sit around is going to be better in the end.

I know I talk about things that I notice that I find very odd, and usually don't ever follow up on them like I should... BUT with that being said, one thing that I have noticed during all this running and weight being lost, I feel fatter now than I felt in week 2. I don't know why this is, I've lost 25 lbs. and I've been able to keep it off, but I just FEEL fat and it's starting to discourage me. So I was excited to start reading through my 10K program that I am going to start as soon as I am done with the 5K program. Has me doing strength training 2 times a week, along with cross training 2 times a week. I am excited to start doing the cross training because it lets me do other cardio workouts that aren't going to be as hard on my joints, and it will be building muscle at the same time. The only thing that I am going to have to worry about then is what cross training to do, and then I need to figure out a strength training workout as well. If anyone has any advice PLEASE let me know!

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mom said...


The reason you feel fat is that old tapes are playing in your head. You're feeling discouraged because you're listening to them. One time after Dan was born, I went on a diet and got down to 118 pounds. I was also working out a health club. That was the thinnest I was since high school. I was walking into the club one day, and saw my reflection in the door and said "excuse me" I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS ME. I went to try on suits, and I asked for the size I normally wore and it hung, tried the next smaller, same thing, ended up buying a size 8...smaller than I wore in high school. The experience totally freaked me out. I was so uncomfortable in my skin because I'd convinced my self that my skin had to be a certain size.

You have to find a way to stop identifying yourself by the past for this to stick. You need to work on the head part at the same time.

As far as cross training, don't you have a bike? It's gonna be nice out soon. That would be a great cross training. Another one would be yoga. Yoga is NOT for wimps. It's hard, but a really good work out that helps with flexibility too.

Anonymous said...

I've lost 50+ lbs twice in my life. Truth of the matter the only thing that works for me is running. Just my opinion:

Nothing wrong with walking...You might try and find a weekend event which involves several hours of walking. This could be substituted for cross training. The benefit is its easier to find people to walk with you. The possibilities of a good ramble are endless.

I'm not a big fan of strength training, if you are planning on an intense life of aerobic activity. I'm one of those people who only gets fatter if they lift weights. Maybe some light weight lifting-- 20- 35lb dumbells for your arms and shoulders.

I personally like the standard pushup and a few minutes of daily abdominal work.

I also have a standard daily stretch routine which I borrowed from martial arts. It really keeps my back and leg muscles flexible. Without this stretching I would be far to stiff to run.