Back On Track...

Everyone was probably starting to get worried and wonder if I would ever come back and blog, so here I am! I will be the first to tell you that going on vacation, and trying to fit running or working out into your schedule is not easy. I on the other hand kind of lucked out for half of my vacation. The first half of my vacation was spent in Park City, Utah. After arriving there I realizing how little air there actually was, and how there was not a single area that was somewhat flat to run. So, I knew that running was not going to be an option. I did the best I could with my diet and got a lot of exercise skiing. I actually ended up losing about 5 or so pounds during that part of my vacation which was great!

The part where I started to have trouble was when we took a mini trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Somehow, I convinced myself that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... Even when it has to do with dieting and exercising. I just Felt wrong paying 30 bucks to eat, and only having a salad. So Ill leave it at that. The only Plus to that part of the vacation was the fact that we walked EVERYWHERE!

Things really started going down hill when we stayed in Orem, Utah. At this point in the vacation I was ready to start running again. So I actually TRIED running in the altitude... It isn't nearly as high as Park City, But there was still NO air. I was only able to run for about .87 miles. My lungs burned, I was coughing out of control, and any time I would cough it tasted like blood in my mouth. It was the closest thing to an asthma attack that I have ever had! It was awful! So that's when I decided that I was on vacation, and a little time off will hopefully do some good. I ate what I wanted, where I wanted,and when I wanted. I sat around and didn't even think about exercising. At first things were going fine. But the longer this went on the worse I felt. I had a head ache almost every single day. I just felt disgusting. I had no energy, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I would eat a lot and not get full, or feel like I needed to eat more. It was awful!

So now being back home, I changed how I have been eating. back to my healthy meals and sticking to my diet and I am feeling great. I started running again and It went pretty well. I didn't want to over do it so I kept my workout pretty easy. Started off with a 5 minute walk, Ran 1 mile, walked a half mile, and ran a half mile. I can't tell you how good I feel right now. It's amazing to realize how far I have come in just 2 months. After this vacation it really makes me sick thinking about what I was doing to my body for all those years. Just doing it again for a week actually made my sick, and there was no way that I was even eating the same amount as I use to!

After all is said and done, I had a lot of fun on my vacation, but I am extremely glad to be home where I make my own food and I have a treadmill to work out on!

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jpkopp54 said...

Nice work Greg! The vacations really do make things tough. But glad to hear that you are back on track. It's the getting back up after being knocked down that shows the real strength inside each of us.