New Day, New Shoes... and a Friggin Cold

Well, it's Monday, and you all know what that means! It's my first day of my second attempt! In order to get ready for second attempt, I went out yesterday and got myself a brand new pair of running shoes and a brand new Cold! Oh yeah! I am so excited to run with my head full of snot! Maybe if I run long enough it'll shake it all right out of my head, and ill wake up tomorrow feeling great! (I wish)

So, here's a question for those of you that are following along... When you get sick does help when you run, or is it just wearing your immune system down?

I am going to research for a bit and post my findings. but before that... I am going to run... and it may not be pretty but I said I was (re)starting today... and that means I have to. No more excuses, EVER.

Here is a pic of my Sweet New Shoes!

New Shoes

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Mark B said...

Running while sick stinks!, hope you feel better soon. When i ran in high school i could usually run through a cold, it just took me longer to get over it. Be even more careful about staying hydrated if you're not feeling well, and take it easy. I definitely wouldn't run if it turned into something more serious though. My coach also always told us that our immune system was a little weaker while our bodies recovered from a run so a healthy snack after a run was always a good idea. Hope that was helpful, feel better soon! you can do it!

Greg Kopp said...

Sweet thanks mark! that's exactly what I was wondering!

Melissa said...

HEY- Those are my running shoes too! The guys at the running store swear by them. I guess they help keep your ankles from rolling in.

For sure don't over-do the run. And don't forget - walking fast has it's benefits too. Take a face paced walk if the running is too hard on your system.

Melissa said...

A "face paced walk?" Wow. Good one, Melissa. Next thing you know, I'll be spelling my name wrong.

Juuuuuuuust kidding, Mandy!

Mandy said...

HAHA! So funny!

Checking in today - 30 mins = 3.10mi

Greg, thanks for helping me get motivated!