(Re)Starting Monday

Hey everyone! I would again like to thank everyone that has been commenting, and leaving suggestions! It's amazing how many people that I haven't seen in years are leaving comments and advice! It is really nice to know that I have a lot of support! Please keep it up!

After doing a lot of research, reading responses from multiple people, and going to a TON of running sites I found my new Workout Schedule! Thank you to CoolRunning.com. So (re-)starting monday my first few weeks of working out will be a couch to 5k program that will hopefully get me in condition to start actually training for a marathon. This weeks workout will consist of: a brisk five minute warm up walk. then alternating 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. (and Liz- I don't think that Ill start off running at 7.5 Mph this time)

On a side note, I would really like to thank Hilary for sharing her running story. It's nice to read about her accomplishments and it has given me a lot of encouragement!
-If you missed it look in the comments of the "Lets Start From The Beginning" post.

Hilary also brought an awesome website to my attention halhigdon.com If you take a look at this website, You'll notice there are a bunch of training programs anywhere from a 5k to triathlon so check it out!

This last little part of todays post is to invite YOU to join the quest!! Wether you are an experienced runner training for your 100th marathon, someone that is training for a 5k, or someone that is starting like I am (trying to accomplish the seemingly impossible). I encourage you to post your progress, your hardships, your thoughts, and your questions!

If you are interested in joining the quest, please click on the Join The Quest link on the right of the page.

Together we can encourage each other to accomplish our goals!


mmemartinez said...

Once my foot heals, I will get back on my training too :)

I usually walk at 3.5 and then start jogging at 5. If I feel good, I will go up to 5.5-6 range. That's probably a good place for you to start. I used HalHigdon.com for my half marathon schedule and I liked it (until I had to stop).

Good luck with everything! Remember to listen to your body too...I remember in H.S. sports all my coaches telling me to push through the pain. They prob. told you that too. But now I have tons of recurring injuries from that - your body knows best!

Danielle said...

Greg, I've been reading thru all your posts. I wish you the best of luck. That is a GREAT goal to set for yourself! You are very determined and when you have set your mind to something, I know you will get it accomplished! I purchased a gym membership for myself back in June and I have only gone 10 times....pretty sad! 2010 is year of healthy lifestyle changes for me too...please keep us updated on your marathon training....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!
p.s.... when you run your marathon, I'd like to bring some old friends out there to cheer you on. keep trucking Greg!!! :)