Two 2 Mile Runs

This weekend hasn't been very good as far as exercising, and eating. I think it may have to do with not having the option of cook out food in the winter that makes me just want to eat a lot of it. All i do know is that it is going to have to stop, or be moderated severely. The worst part of all of this is that with my knee being hurt, I am not exercising as hard as I had been or for as long as I had been previously. I guess the only good news is that I am still exercising.

For todays and Fridays workouts I decided that I would workout on the treadmill and run 2 miles. I have decided to run on the treadmill because of my knee. I dont know how long I can go before it starts hurting and I dont want to go for a distance run and end up limping 2 miles back home. I think on monday or tuesday I am going to go to the park near by and run the circle and see how my knee holds up, then decided whether or not I am going to run on outside for the rest of the week. One thing that I am really looking forward to doing is another bike ride I really enjoyed the 7.5 Mile ride I took last week. Who knows, maybe this week I will go a lot further than that!

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mom said...

Greg, It's important to stop looking at temporary set backs as character flaws or failure. You ARE still exercising. That's a HUGE deal. A seven mile bike ride is nothing to sneeze at and something that a lot of people would be counting as a personal victory. Knees are not fun to replace, so I'd suggest you take good care of the ones you have and keep them for as long as possible. I'm keeping mine till I can get a new one by fax.

Raegun said...

The treadmill & bike sound like a great alternative, Greg. I hope your knee feels better soon!

Running Diva Mom said...

Hey -- great job! Just found you and look forward to following your journey on your blog! Keep it up! :-)

Jessica said...

Hi! My name is Jessica. I found your blog thanks to your sister. She showed me your blog after I was showing her mine (I did a 15 week tranformation for a bikini competition). What you have been doing is incredible. I was on the couch like you, but I am not running. My transformation was based more on food, weight training, and some cardio. I have some food ideas on my blog, as well as many of the other blogs I follow!! Good luck and keep going!