9.5 Mile Bike Ride

After taking an unplanned trip to Michigan I was really itching to work out today. So I decided that I should go for a bike ride. I am really starting to enjoy biking! Its is relaxing but at the same time it is an awesome workout!I was really surprised when we got home and looked at Mandy's Iphone, that had been tracking our progress, how far we had biked and how quickly we biked it in. We biked 9.51 miles in 53 minutes and 28 seconds with an average mile at 5 minutes and 37 seconds. Pretty good for a nice easy ride huh?

One thing that I have forgotten to do is inform everyone that my blog may be silent for the next 2 months... I will try as hard as possible to post about my running and exercising, but I cannot promise anything. I will be working my normal summer job as a counselor at a summer camp where I have been a camper and a counselor almost all of my life. It is an extremely demanding job. I am responsable for 60 kids 8 staff members and I work 18 hour days for almost 2 months. BUT... I am determined to get workouts in at least 3 times a week. The bonus of going to the camp I have free access to one of the most amazing gyms I have ever seen. Hopefully Ill be able to get some weight training in as well as some running. I leave this weekend for camp training and probably wont be back until the end of august. So... Wish me luck and I hope that I can find some time during my busy schedule to blog about my progress!

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Mandy said...

WOOT! WOOT! 9.5 miles, talk about TOUGH ON THE TUSH!!! :)

the old guy said...

Hi Greg

Once again, thanks for your dedication and inspiration with your running and weight loss.

I've been running outside (now up to 4 miles) and inside on a treadmill too (which has been easier on the knees). Anyways, when I finished three miles on the treadmill, even though I was still soaked, my heart rate was only at 127. So I'm seeing that progress can be measured in a lot of ways.

Good luck at camp - and enjoy the bike trips around the lake!

Jessica said...

Good luck! Keep working hard, and don't give into too much camp food! haha

Raegun said...

It sounds like you have a pretty demanding summer ahead, Greg. I bet 60 kids will keep you movin'!!!
Wishing you a fantastic camp season and looking forward to hearing about your success in the Fall!

marie cecile said...

too bad I discovered your blog on the day you are leaving it !
I am preparing for the 2010 Berlin marathon and would have liked the help from a fellow fat (or not fat anymore ;) ) runner !
You inspired into maybe starting a blog of my own...
Enjoy your camp!