7.5 Mile Bike Ride

Today has been a pretty crappy day outside. Its been rainy on and off, windy and cloudy almost all day. So I was lucky enough to catch the one nice part of the day and take a quick 7.5 mile bike ride. It felt really good to get a nice workout in that didn't bother my knee much but was still enough to get my heart pumping. I really think that biking is going to become more of a regular part in my workouts. Its just nice to know that I can change things up and still know that I am going to get a great intensity workout even without running.

The only thing that I need to do now is figure out what kind of strength building activities I can do around the house. Eventually I want to join a gym, and have all the bells and whistles at my fingertips, but I want to know that I am actually going to use the membership before I sign up for one. It always seems to happen that when I spend the money towards something that I think I use. The less I want to use it. So hopefully I can get myself to start doing basic lifting at home and prove to myself that I can spend the money, and actually use the gym.

As of right now I am still not sure what program that I am going to start doing but until i figure out where I want to start I think that I am going to alternate running and biking, and throw a day of lifting and stretching in every once and a while. Hopefully I'l be able to break through this plateau and start being able to lose weight again. I am so close to my goal weight I just need to lose another 18 lbs and then any weight lost after that is just a plus.

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Raegun said...

I'm so glad to hear the bike workout was knee-friendly. And 7.5 miles is pretty impressive dude!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! You're doing Great!

That is a great idea to check the nutrition section on the websites to plan ahead. I think I will start doing that. Thanks for visiting my blog.