3 Miles

Todays run felt great! Not great as in, my body didn't hurt while running. It was more of a, It felt good to run, run. If that makes any sense to you... But It really did feel good to run. After having such a hard spell, I was really excited that I was able to run 3 miles.

As far as my knee goes, It still hurts when I run. So I am going to have to figure out what to do about that. My dad left a comment on my last post about something he just recently found out about his knee problems. I guess that he has one leg that is 5mm shorter than the other, and I guess his dad also had the same thing. So who knows, I inherited that and it could be part of my hip and knee problems. So who knows, maybe a trip to the chiropractor is in the near future. Oh I also tried running in my older shoes and that didn't seem to help any so I am going to stick to running with my new shoes.

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Melissa said...

SERIOUSLY....you need to order Replenex. It changed my life while running. I had given up completely before mom recommended it. Ask Mom, she probably has some!

Raegun said...

3 miles is an awesome accomplishment. Good luck with getting to the root of your knee pain - take care of yourself!

mom said...


This could explain why one shoulder is always lower than the other??? I'd check it out. Great going!!