Id like to thank all the people that left comments on my last post. It is really nice to know that people are looking out for me. I just want to let everyone know that my quest isn't over. I think that I am having more of a mental block than anything and I just need to work through it.

On Friday Mandy and I went for a run and ran 1.25 and my knee started bugging me again so we decided that we were going to walk. we ended to walking about 2.5 miles. Its just been so frustrating because I've wanted to run for longer distances. I think the next time that I run I am going to try my old shoes back on and see if wearing the newer shoes is playing any part in the knee pain. I started thinking about when things started hurting again. and i realized that when I first started running i was having a ton of hip pain and it eventually went away. but as soon as I started wearing my new shoes, the pain started up again. so I think my next run I'll try my older shoes. who knows it may be a cure all.

I'll be trying my hardest to get back in the swing of things, but like i said I think it is more of a mental block that I am having right now. So keep the motivational comments coming!

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mom said...

How exciting that your blog had helped someone else do something. Sometimes when we can't believe in's easier to believe in someone else. It's got to feel good to be someone to believe in.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm going to say it again...and again...protein after you run to help your muscles and joints recover, and a day in between. Everything I've read says that. Ride your bike on alternate days. You can still get the exercise while the running muscles rest and get stronger.

the old guy said...

Hi Greg
One thing that I haven't mentioned that just popped into my mind could be a part of what is happening with your hip/knee issue. I have this problem - and it is something that I inherited from Grandpa Kopp - (and it's not an uncommon thing) is that one of my legs is slightly shorter than the other. The chiropractor could see it in the way that I stood and walked. He gave me a 5 mm heel pad for my shoe and it helped balance things out. I have been running the past few weekends in Chesterton without it, and really am having a lot of hip/lower back pain again. Might be worth checking out if you ended up with that gene! Just 2 FYI's, after I put in the heel pad, I did get a sore knee from the slight change in position and posture, but it eventually strenghtened up and was fine in a couple of weeks. And they are easy to forget when you put on sandals - which I know you wear a lot!