No Motivation

Okay... I have been having a hard time finding the motivation that I need to keep going. I just haven't been excited at all about running, and I am in need of some help. I have run, but It hasn't been pretty. I think this week I am at a total of like 2 miles. It didn't help that Ive had a cold, but I ran 1 mile the other day, and started to get frustrated with the knee that has been bugging me. and today I ran another mile but at a quicker pace than usual. I just can't get myself to run. On top of that I've been struggling with watching what I eat. Summer is a killer. Ive gotten the grill out on a few occasions, and been to a couple of cookouts and I just eat and eat. Its just been horrible. I weighed myself a few times the past 2 weeks and I maybe have gained a pound or 2, so I am starting to get worried. but at the same time, I havent been able to lose any weight in about a month or so... I really feel like I have hit a wall and I am starting to lose my enthusiasm and I hate it. Has anyone experienced this at all? How did you go about getting back on track? I seriously need a kick in the butt. I think that I need to get back to my running schedule. It'll give me some guidance on how far to run rather than just going out and running as far as I can. So maybe monday I'll figure out where I should be on my 10k program or even just start on a 15k program as a beginner. who knows...

Although I have been struggling, I was excited about my run today. it was only a mile, but I ran it faster than I have ever run a mile. I ran it in 9 minutes 9 seconds, and i really feel like I could have run it faster than that. So that is a plus...

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mom said...

Gee Greg...I don't know what to tell ya. I've never heard of this before. KIDDING. I think everyone goes through the same things you're going through at some point or another. The WORST thing you can do is what got you into trouble in the first place. Listening to the voices in your head that tell you you're a failure, you can't, you SHOULD, you're not good enough, etc. They don't go away it seems, but they do vacation from time to time. It's really important to tell yourself that what you're going thru is a NORMAL phase. It's not the end of the game. It's not a forever just is what it is for now...a little lull...a funk, a vacation. It doesn't define you or decide your future. I read something that was interesting the other day. It said there is ultimately no such thing as failure. That's because there is nothing in the world that can keep us from starting over, and as long as we have the ability to start over...the story hasn't been finished yet. That really helped me thru a rough day. I hope it helps you too. Nothing that has happened can diminish what you've done already. And what you've done already is amazing. I'm proud of you Greg. Not only for what you've done, but for who you are.

Chad said...

Don't give up Greg!!! I will send you a more detailed email, but for the comment I will just say...

Maybe a program that focuses less time on running and is more balanced with Cross Training (biking, swimming, strength or weight training,etc) will help you find the motivation.

I am using a Jeff Galloway run/walk program (4mins running with 1 minute walked in between runs)It is helping me not push too hard and burnout physically, it also calls for giving your body time to recoup between runs. The basics are running every other day (3 days a week) 2 days based on length of workout(not distance), the 3rd is a traditional long run based on distance and then Cross Training on the days in between.

Maybe mixing things up while still staying on a schedule would help you be more excited, at least it would give you more variety and might help that knee out too!

Raegun said...

Try not to get discouraged, Greg. You are doing great! I think it’s normal to hit a plateau from time to time. The important thing is not to let it get you discouraged. You’ve already got some great advice here, but here are few more thoughts...

Last weekend I experienced my first rough weekend dealing with summer indulgences (read massive amounts of BBQ, beer and other temptations!). You can’t let a few trip-ups throw you off your plan. A gain of a couple of pounds is a drop in the bucket – just look at how far you’ve come! Just start fresh the next day. You can only control the choices you make from this moment forward.

As for keeping running interesting, here are a few ideas:

- Try a new route. Visit a nice park, go to an interesting trail or even go for a run in an interesting neighbourhood. I’ve just discovered a new trail in a conservation area not far from my house and running on dirt trails through the forest was so fun! A change of scenery might help.

- Get some new tunes. I don’t know about you, but listening to the right song on my iPod can make the difference between a 15-minute workout and a 45-minute workout! Sometimes I’ll download a great song and not let myself listen to it until I run – it goes straight to my Run Shuffle playlist. I don’t know what your taste in music is, but I’ve been meaning to do a post about great running songs that have inspired me to kick it into high-gear on my blog...maybe this weekend! ;)

- Grab a running buddy. I haven’t tried this myself, but I like the IDEA of running with a friend. Now I just need to find a! Ha! My neighbour has talked about going out with me and I think having someone to be accountable to besides myself (even just once a week) might help. Maybe there is a running club or training group that you could join?

- Mix it up. Are there other activities you can add to your runs to keep you from getting bored? Maybe swimming would help give your knee a rest?

This may sound silly, but the number one thing that has kept me on track so far is this rule: JUST GET DRESSED & PUT ON YOUR SHOES. I force myself to get my workout clothes on and just put on my shoes. That’s it. No commitment to a certain distance or a certain time....just a commitment to get ready to go. I have yet to NOT do my jog if I don’t at least promise myself to START. By the time I’ve taken 2 steps, I’m committed to finishing what I’ve started.

Finally, keep blogging! I’ve been amazed at all the support, tips and tricks I’ve pulled from the blogosphere in the short time I’ve been writing.

Have an awesome weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you've just hit a plateau and it's normal. If your knee is bothering you try out some new running shoes or mix in some swimming. Swimming is a great low/no impact way to help build up cardio. Plus I've found weight lifting (mainly lower body) can help. Plus don't forget upper body and core workouts, they all build and work off of each other.

Mix things up and don't worry too much about the time or distance. You're still doing great job!!!

and about running shoes I've heard they are good for 6 months or 5,000ish miles. Sounds like the oil in you're car... I know. But don't wear your feet and knees out bro!

Tam said...

Hola Greg!

Please keep going because your story is a part of my motivation. When I first started running a month ago, I stumbled upon your site, and your story is quite inspirational. I thought, here is this ordinary guy attempting an extraordinary feat. If he can do it, I can do it too.