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Hey everyone! I was just Laying in bed thinking to myself, wow Ive already run 2 times this week without blogging and I don't want to get use to this! I should be blogging almost every time I run! So here I am at 12:30 blogging from bed, via my iPhone. So I apologize ahead of time for any typing mistakes I make.

So let's start with yesterday. It was a really crummy day ouside and I recentl got myself a new pair or running shoes so I figured it would be a bad idea to go puddle jumping in my neon white shoes. So instead I visited my old friend the treadmill and ran on it for 3.1 miles. I finally had to stop because my knee started to bother me and I just don't want to mess it up and have to sit a week out waiting for it to recover.

Today Mandy and I decided to run outside again. Usually Mandy and I run at a park of along the river when we run ouside. But today we figured we could save ourselfs some time by just running around where we live. It actually turned out to be a pretty good run. I had to stop once because my knee was bugging me but after a little stretching the pain went away and would only come back if I was running on really uneven ground. After all was said and done we ended up running a little bit over 5.5 miles today!

I still think is is amazing that I am able to run as far as I have been the past few weeks. I still think back to when I started how I couldn't even run 1 mile without stopping. And here I am running 3 miles 1 day and then 5 the next. It's just amazing what your body is capable of doing when you set your mind to it.

Well anyways I better get going to bed! I will send out the email reminder to my subscribers tomorrow along with adding the previous and next buttons when I get back to using my computer.

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the old guy said...

Nice work Greg!

mom said...

Good job! I mean the blogging from bed. :)

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found your blog and am looking forward to following your journey! :-)