Horrible Blogging Week

Okay, I know its been forever since my last post, and I really do feel horrible about not posting after every time I run. But this week has just been one of those weeks where I run, and just forget about blogging, then I tell myself I'll update everyone after my next run. And that never happened. So again, I apologize to all of my followers that have been wondering where the heck I have been this past week.

This week I decided that I was going to change things up a little bit when running. I know I am supposed to be following a schedule, but for some reason I just cant get myself to actually follow it. I know sometime in the near future I am just going to have to follow it but I have gotten to the point where I can run 5 consecutive miles, and starting the 10k program over again kinda seems like a waste of a time considering the 10k program is the equivalent of running 6.2 miles. and I can already run 5. So I really don't know what to do at this point. but anyways, I got way off subject. Like I had said. I changed it up this week. Instead of running 5 miles I thought that I would run about 2.5 miles and bike about the same. so Its a different workout, and I ]know that I will be on my bike a lot this summer. So I just figured that I would make sure I was ready to ride when the time came.

It really amazes me that biking and running can be so different, but at the same time a lot the same. its almost the same motion... with no impact, but it's a completely different workout. different breathing, and it takes a different focus. But I really am liking the change in workouts, and It is really exciting to think about doing triathlons (something that I am def. going to do as some point.) But It has really made me stop and think about how I work out. I mean should I only train for just a marathon or should I start training for a triathlon? If Triathlon is the case I need to find a place to start swimming. And believe it or not I know that swimming is going to be the biggest challenge of them all. Its not that I don't know how to swim. I just have no idea how to swim correctly. I am one of those people that does freestyle with my heat completely out of the water. So this should really be interesting. Anyways, I feel like I am rambling, so I guess Ill post on monday after my run, or when I decide for sure what I want to train for. If anyone has any input on the matter feel free to leave a comment.

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Chad said...

I say keep going for the marathon first. The training program I am doing calls for running only every other day and Cross Training the other days. Supposedly that helps the muscles recover and reduce the chance for injury. The great part is that the Cross Training can be swimming, biking, elliptical, rowing machines, hiking, weight lifting, whatever else I want to keep active and work other sets of muscles... So it provides a nice change of pace, but keeps me on a schedule.

I think you will get further endurance wise though if you focus mainly on one of the 3 (running, biking, swimming). That is just me though.

I see the marathon as the next step to a triathlon after 5k, 10k, and half marathon, etc...

Then again if you go straight for a triathlon then a marathon would be easy, lol!

Chad said...

Here is a link to a sample marathon program from the same author as the one I am following. This is the bare bones program he has, there are steps up from that obviously (longer running, the Cross Training, instead of days off etc). He does programs all the way up to 2:45 hr time goals...


(On the same site as the first link there is also a basic half marathon program that you could look at starting if you wanted to do that instead of a full marathon program. I would suggest picking a marathon training program that matches the distance you are already going comfortably (even if it means starting several weeks into it if the beginning weeks are less that what you already do)

This is the book I bought that has all of the those other time goal programs and other advice.


These might help you decide where to go from your current program since it seems like you are further along than restarting the one you have

Tam said...

Good morning Greg!

I have noticed with most marathon training schedules, as you increase your mileage, you are encouraged to include a cross-training activity like swimming or biking. You are on the right path.

As for whether you should continue training for a marathon or switch to a triathlon, I think you should stick with the marathon training.

Have you considered doing little races before the big one? Have you done a 5K race yet?

Raegun said...

Hey Greg - thanks for popping by to visit my blog! Just wanted to say 'hi' and tell you to keep up the blogging. It is very inspiring to read the tales of someone who has been there before in terms of learning to run.