Getting Lost While Running

Okay, so over the weekend Mandy and I spent some time in Michigan visiting my mom. While there we decided that we were going to go for a quick 3 mile run on sunday evening so we didn't feel like we had been lazy the entire weekend. This nice easy run turned out to be a very painful run emotionally, and mentally. so heres what happened... Keep in mind that my longest run to date was 3.75 miles, and that was last week.

So like I said, Sunday evening we decide to go for a 3 mile run. I have never run at my moms house so I was getting running directions for a 3 mile, or a 4 mile or a different 3 mile, or a 2 mile, It all depended on what direction I wanted to go, and how far I wanted to go. So I think thats where things started to go wrong. So off we went thinking I knew the directions, It was going to be easy... Go to the stop sign, take a left to the next stop sign, and come back. Well, The 1st road that we had taken was somewhat of a busy road and half way through the run I remembered that there was another route to make a square so we didn't have to run back on that same road. So, at that second stop sign we took another left. and ran for quite a while, and I started to get worried. I had no idea what road connected this road to the 1st road we were on. Street names didn't sound familiar, and we got to the point where If we had passed the road It would be further to run back to it and cut across than it would be to find another that connected. so again, we kept running. at this point I was starting to get mad, I was completely warn out, I had to pee, I had to poop, and occasionally dinner wanted to make a comeback, so truth be told I was very unhappy at this point.

After what seemed to be forever, We finally reached a point that looked familiar. You think I would be happy to know where I was, but no, I became EVEN more upset! we had run past the road a good 2 miles, and still had another 2 to go! I about stopped at the restaurants and called for a ride home! But I decided against it and wanted to see how far I could push myself. I am proud to say that I completed the entire 6.1 miles! But with running success, comes the aftermath of pain.

- For those of you that are squeamish about blood, Please do not look at the pictures!

Nipple Bleed

Yes, I ran so much my nipples chaffed and bled... Yeah, It really hurts!

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mom said...

I was just getting over the nightmares and you go and post a picture! AGH!

How are you feeling after that run?

Tam said...

Oh my gosh, Greg! That picture of your bleeding nipple has left me speechless. Is this a normal occurrence for runners?

Greg Kopp said...

Well, I guess it is somewhat normal. Most people use Band-Aids to cover their nipples when they run long distances to keep them from chafing. I had started to use an anti chafe roll on stuff, but had forgotten to use it prior to that run. I remembered to use it today and ran 5 miles with no blood!