Up Hill Battle Against the Wind

Ok... For those of you that that run out in the country, have you ever had to run against a 15- 20 mph wind? Let me tell you It SUCKS! Worst of all the windy parts of my run were all up hill. It really dissipointed me because I was only able to run about 3 miles but it felt like I had run 5. The wind really wore me out today! I was really bummed because last night I was thinking about doing a 5 mile run just to test it out. Well, I'll write more about this later and put all the previous and next links when I get home. I am blogging from the passenger seat of mandy's car writing on my iPhone. I just didn't want to keep everyone gaming over the weekend! Have a great one!!

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the old guy said...

Hi Greg
I've been reading the blog all along . . wondering if I could ever catch up. Well today I did a full 5k - no stopping! It got pretty slow near the end, but came in (unofficially) just a bit under 30 minutes. Thanks for the inspiration (and competition - even thought you didn't know anything about it!)