After running 3.75 miles today I feel like jello... Not to say that I don't feel good that I ran it but, its amazing how much of a difference it is than 3.1 miles! I have really started to like running out side. Its just a lot more relaxing and there is a lot more to take my mind off of thinking about running. I think it is so cool that I have gotten this far in such a short period of time. If you would have told me that last april that next april I would be running 5ks every time I ran I would probably laugh at you... or I would have said to myself... Geez I better start training for that! and maybe I would be running 10 miles by now if you had said something... so thanks for holding me back!!! I'm just kidding!

One question for those readers that run a lot is... Was there ever a point where you felt like you were running and running and running, and you can't seem to lose any weight? I think I have hit a point where my body doesn't want to lose anymore weight. It sucks because I am about 18 or so lbs. from my goal weight. Maybe if I start kicking my butt lifting weights I can get my metabolism going a little bit faster, and start shedding the pounds. Or maybe Its a matter of just picking up the pace a bit when I run. So If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know!

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the old guy said...

Hi Greg
Don't worry too much about your weight (the number). I've heard that muscle is denser than fat. So as you build muscle, your weight may stay the same even though you look thinner. Be more concerned about how you feel - how your clothes feel - your ability to keep running, etc. And be grateful. You've lost a LOT of weight very quickly. And you look great. So just keep doing what you've been doing! It will happen!