Running In the Rain

Okay, I know I have really been slacking on the whole blogging thing, and I apologize to my followers for doing a horrible job this past week or so. I really don't have any excuse for why I didn't blog, so I hope you forgive me. Well, I guess Ill have to play a little bit of catchup on this post do you know how things have been going.

Last week I had a really frustrating week. I tried running outside for the first time In Indiana, and boy was I frustrated. A lot of things really got to me on that run. first off, I swear there has never been as much traffic on that road in months, as there was the day I decided to run. so I was having to jump on and off the road again and again because there are no sidewalks anywhere. so that was frustrating. Normally, when running on the treadmill I usually don't have any incline when I run, so I can maintain a pace. well running where I ran I swear the entire thing was a hill, but you never realize that when you are driving on it. the third thing that really made me mad is that my headphones kept falling out. That part is really my fault... I thought that I would be smart and wear the headphone wire in the back so my arms never hit the cord... Yeah... Bad idea, I never thought by doing that it would cause the ear buds to not sit right in my ears and fall out. But anyways, I was able to run about 2.5 miles or so which wasn't bad but it was still very frustrating. The rest of the week of course I decided to run on the treadmill, there was no need to get overwhelmed by running on the street again till I felt I was ready to try again.

So to start this week off I decided that I was going to try running outside again. and I am glad I did. Instead of running out on the road Mandy reminded me of a park that has a paved path that is about 1.25 miles per lap. So we decided to run there this morning. It was a really nice run, Kinda chilly so I didn't over heat, kind of cloudy and a little bit of a breeze, It was nice until we started lap 2. The wind decided to pick up, and it started drizzling. at first I started to get frustrated, but after about 2 or 3 minutes I started to enjoy running in the rain, It took my mind off of other thing. It was really strange, If i were to have been walking in this same weather I think it would have driven me nuts... I don't know why but I have always felt like if I were in the rain I would rather it be pouring so I am soaked within seconds rather than a little drizzle. But like I said, I really enjoyed it today, and I don't know why.

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jpkopp54 said...

Great posting. Yeah, I don't like running in the streets either - too many hazards and chances to hit an uneven spot and twist an ankle. Nice you found a path close by.
Bet you can't wait to run the acadamy golf course (it's ALL uphill!)