What Was I Thinking???

Ok. It's Sunday night after the superbowl and I am laying here on the couch wondering what the heck happened? It has nothing to do with the game... But it has everything to do with what happened during the game.

It all started one single cracker. That one cracker that I said wouldn't be that big of a deal. I chose poorly tat one cracker turned into a lot of crackers. And a lot of crackers ended up having nacho cheese on them. Over all I ended up over eating by 400- 500 calories! Just because of one stupid little cracker. I guess that it tells me that I still need to work on my self control.

I know it could have been a Lot worse. I could have said screw it. I'm going to eat what I want. I can only imagine what I have eaten on other super bowl Sundays! Hopefully this doesn't affect my running on Tuesday. Maybe just fir the heck of it tomorrow I'll do a little bit of biking to make up for it!

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mom said...

I think I've met that same cracker! Sometimes it disguises itself as a cookie, piece of candy, or at times...even as a healthy food. The result is always the same. I eat it in a moment of weakness, saying to myself...this time will be different, and WHAM...before ya know it, I'm in a drunk food stupor wondering how the heck I'd been beaten again. SHAKE IT OFF. If not...the cracker wins twice!!