Posting From Michigan

Okay again I apologize for the delay between posts. Friday was another extremely busy day. I woke up, did some chores around the house, ran, showered, packed, and made my way to Michigan for the weekend.

After Thursdays run I was a little bit worried about the run on Friday. I did not have a day off between runs, and on Thursday I had struggled with the run and had to stop for a second. I was really shocked when I was able to finish. I know at points I was not happy about how out of breath I was, but It ended up being a pretty good workout.

Next week Is going to be another screwy week, but I know that in advance so I am going to have to make some changes to my running schedule. Instead of running Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am going to have to run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I know I am adding an extra day of rest to the end of this week, but I figured Id be better off changing days rather than having to run two days in a row to keep up with my schedule. sorry for such a short post today, hopefully I'll have a better update for everyone on Tuesday!

Next weeks workout is going to be a fun one! and it's also the first week where I have 3 different workouts. Tuesday consists of the normal 5 min. warm up walk, then Jogging a 1/2 mile, walking 1/4 mile, running 1/2 mile, walk, 1/4 mile, running 1/2 mile. Thursday bumps it up a bit. 5 min warm up walk, then run 3/4 mile, walk 1/2 mile, then run 3/4 mile. Then Saturday is REALLY going to push me. Its my first 2 mile run. And when I say first... I mean, the first time I will have ever run further than a mile at a time. WISH ME LUCK!