Today's Punishment

Yesterday I was really disappointed in myself. It was another busy day, so I decided that I didn't have to run. What a mistake! Last night, in bed all I could do was lay there and think about how horrible I was for not running. One thing that I didn't pay attention to was that Ill have to run 2 days in a row, and I wont have that extra day of rest between runs. Hopefully my body will be able to handle it.

So today as a little punishment to myself, I added an extra mile walk onto todays run. Its not a horrible punishment, and it wont kill me, but hopefully in the long run it'll make me stronger.

Todays workout was the same as mondays, but for some reason really gave me a hard time, and REALLY made me mad. It was the first time that I've had to stop a workout and take a breather. I only had about 1/8 of a mile left to run and I just couldn't push through it. I don't know if it had anything to do with my music cutting out, or I just wasn't focused. I mean COMON! 1/8 of a friggin mile! hopefully, Ill be able to finish tomorrow!

One thing that has been on my mind since I started this marathon quest, Is how people continue training while they are out of town. In about a month I'll be headed to Utah for 2 weeks to visit family. It scares me to death to think that Ill be away from home where I have been preparing most of my food, and I know that I have access to a treadmill. It scares me to think that I'll just go back to my old ways of not caring what I eat, and just say that ill get back in the swing of things when I get home, and then not. It sucks, because when I go out to Utah, I have my favorite places to eat that I don't have around here like... Cafe' Rio- for their steak quesadillas, Happy Sumo- for their amazing sushi, Tucanos- for amazing Brazilian food , Betos- for breakfast burritos , and training table- for their cheese fries and ultimate dipping sauce. So, if anyone has any advice PLEASE let me know!

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mom said... I feel your pain about guilt. I had a 9:00 appointment and as we both know...that's like the middle of the night for most people, so I had to get up 2 hours early because A. I thought I'd make a better impression awake...and B. I didn't want to skip my workout or have to do it after I'd already showered for the day. I did it and it actually helped me wake up, but before I did, I already had a workout in on the fat cells while they were asleep and couldn't fight back!

In a strange twist of fate, the word I have to use for verification to comment on your post today is "jacked" which sounds exactly like what you'll be in Utah. Seriously though, you have my deepest sympathy. I think if you find something to do...even if it's a long walk and eat what you like, but keep the portions A LOT smaller than you use to, you'll be OK. Give yourself more credit than to think you'll toss it all to the wind and not go back when you get home. There would such public outcry for heaven sakes!

BTW does that mean we aren't going anywhere fun to eat while you're here? Does this mean you're cooking healthy for us? I still got the powdery donuts for Mandy. We just won't watch.