Busy Day!

For those of you that were worried I forgot about running yesterday, no need to be alarmed! YES I DID run yesterday! I just didn't have enough time to sit down and post!

Yesterday was a crazy day, Mandy and I woke up early and did some running around in ft. wayne. Where I ended up buying 2 new running shirts! The best part about the shirts are that they were XL, not XXL! I was so excited! It was awesome because when I was in the changing room, trying them on, I noticed for the first time how different I looked with my shirt off. before, I could only tell that I was loosing weight because my clothes were getting bigger, and when I stepped on the scale, the numbers were smaller. So I was really excited about that.

Mandy and I ended up getting back just in time for Mandy to have to leave to go warmups for her 7th grade basketball teams championship game. And left me just enough time for me to change, run, shower, get ready, and get to the game without having time to cool down and stop sweating. The one thing I hate is when I don't have time to cool down. I can even take a cold shower right after a run, and still end up sweating after the shower! So I ended up going to the game, and sweating through 1st quarter. People around me were probably thinking I was WAY into the game! It was an exciting game, but Mandy's team ended up losing. They ended their season at 15- 3 (not bad for Mandys first year coaching huh??) After the game we ended up going over to Mandy's parents house for dinner and ended up staying over late, and that is the reason, I couldn't update yesterday. I'm just glad that I had enough time to run!

But anyways... About yesterdays workout. With this weeks schedule, I knew that I was going to get my but kicked, and I was right. the workout consisted of my normal warmup of walking 5 minutes, then I ran a 1/4 mile, walked an 1/8 mile, ran a 1/2 mile, walked a 1/4 mile, ran a 1/4 mile, walked an 1/8 mile, and ran a 1/2 mile. So I ended up running a total of 1.5 miles yesterday!

One thing that makes my runs harder every week is the fact that I am keeping my running speed the same as when I started in week 1. So instead of running a half mile at a nice easy comfortable pace, I am running at 7 Mph. If I am doing my math right that puts me at about a 8.5 minute mile. (correct me if I am wrong... math and I, just don't get along.) I would LOVE to be able to run my first 5K averaging an 8.5 minute mile! I guess My theory is the faster I run, the less time I have to run! I also love the challenge of running like that!

Well this post is getting a bit too long. But I have one more thing on my mind. I was thinking about posing some before, during and after photos every other week. Is that something that would interest you? Just leave me a message in the comments and let me know what think!

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mom said...

I think after photos ever couple of weeks would be fine since I don't think a week makes "noticeable" difference. I know no one could tell my ear lobes are thinner this week from all my cycle riding...but maybe it's must MY ears.

Funny how you can squeeze in something you want to do like exercise but can't find a minute for it when you don't want to. I think it has everything to do with priority. I never had time before and now...suddenly and miraculously... The day has more than 24 hours!!

Congratulations on keeping your promises to yourself.