My First 2 Mile Run!

Well, okay maybe it was more like a mile and a half followed by some walking and some running. I know that I didn't finish the entire run but I am still proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish. It may not have seemed like it to Mandy when she walked in on me punching the treadmill and yelling at myself. But I really am proud that I was able to run as far as I did. 1.5 miles is actually a record for me. It's the furthest I have EVER run at once without stopping. I am also proud of my time on my mile, I ran the first mile in 9 minutes and 10 seconds, and then also finished the half mile at the same pace. Now all I need to work on for next weeks long run is my endurance.

Next weeks schedule starts again on Monday with Jog 1/2 mile, Walk 1/4 mile, Jog 3/4 mile , Walk 1/4 mile, Jog 1/2 mile. Wednesday is Jog 1 mile, Walk 1/4 mile, Jog 1 mile, and Friday is jog 2-1/4 miles with no walking. (notice it says NO WALKING)

Wish Me Luck!!!

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mom said...

How totally ungrateful of you to punch your poor treadmill after all it's done to help you shape up into the stud muffin you are now. Cut yourself some slack for cryin out loud...not yelling out loud, and punching out loud. You're doing great. The farthest I ever ran...back when I ran, and yes, at one point I RAN...was 2.5 miles. Then I had that encounter with a branch and sprained my ankle and eventually ended up needing a cortisone shot to heal it. I'm really proud of your accomplishments. I never kept track of how fast I ran, but when I was running after was a lot faster, cuz I was scared.

Hilary said...

Great Job! One step closer! Keep it up!