Withering Away

This morning I was walking around the house in my pajamas, and when I walked past Mandy she looked up and said.

"Geez Greg you are really withering away! Your clothes are even hanging different. I can really tell the difference from when you started!"

Now, If those are not words of encouragement, I don't know what is!

After hearing those awesome words of encouragement, I thought Id see how this next weeks workout is going to go... I got on the treadmill thinking, this can't be that much harder than last weeks workout, all I am doing is adding 30 seconds on to each running segment and walking segment, and I am still only going for a total of 25 minutes. Boy was I wrong!

After the 5 minute warmup walk, I set the treadmill to my normal running speed, and started running. last week I got so use to only running for 60 seconds at a time so when the clock hit 60 seconds I was like OH GREAT I still have 30 seconds to go. I keep running and running and running , look down expecting the 30 seconds to be up, BUT NO I still had 20 more seconds! Ill tell you, adding 30 seconds is a huge difference when you are not a pro runner.

After My first set I thought I was NOT going to make it. I had to do something. So I focused, cranked my music and told myself not to look at the clock. the next 2 sets were not quite as bad. and the rest of the sets got easier UNTILL the last set. It felt like I was running for an hour! I felt like I couldn't breathe, I felt like my steps weren't long enough, and I kept staring at the clock praying for the workout to be over! After that clock hit the 1 minute 30 second mark I couldn't have been happier! I was able to complete the first workout of week 2 without stopping! Hopefully, Ill be able to stay focused during Wednesdays workout!

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Hilary Simanek said...

You will always have bad runs here and there but usually the day after a bad run is a GREAT run! So hopefully you can look forward to that! :) Keep up the good work!

Greg Kopp said...

Thanks Hilary!

mom said...

I had the same thing happen with the bike. I've been riding every morning. The first morning, I was riding 14 miles an hour at times and feeling super human. The next, I couldn't get up past twelve and a half to save my soul...all the while thinking...just shoot me now. Yesterday, neither speed nor distance was in the cards. Today, started out just as bad, but somewhere something just kicked in and I went farther than I had yet, worked up a good sweat and ended feeling great...for about an hour when it suddenly felt like someone had taken my stopper out and let all my energy spill onto the floor. So are the beginnings of getting back to activity. It does get better...I keep telling myself this. Myself however is having none of it yet. Onward!