Weight Loss

Its Official, I have hit my 10 pound weight loss mark. It feels so good to say that I've ALREADY lost 10 pounds! It's amazing what can happen when you put your mind to something! I can't believe how quickly that weight came off! I started my quest only 15 days ago, and I have made so much progress! Id be Lying if I said it were one of the easiest thing I've done.

Just yesterday Mandy and I were in the kitchen talking about what we were going to have for dinner. I decide that I am going to have a Campbell's Select Harvest soup and a turkey sandwich, With a mandarin orange. Mandy on the other hand decided that she wanted quesadillas with home made salsa, chips, and sour cream. (Those of you that know Mandy know she hates greens, most healthy food, and is a very picky eater) The entire time she was cooking she as apologizing to me, saying sorry, and even had me help her make the salsa! hahaha now, if that wasn't hard not to want to eat any! I know your probably thinking... Salsa... that cant be bad for you... your right, but the amount of chips that I would have eaten with that salsa probably would have added up to my entire meals worth of calories!

So, It's actually been tough but, Its been well worth it! The entire time I was drooling over Mandy's dinner I was telling myself, I've Lost 10 lbs! I've lost 10 lbs! So in some sense thats made it a little easier, but when I smell the foods I love still brings me back to the days where I would over indulge. Hopefully this 10 lb mark will give me even more of a reason to stay away from those foods forever!

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Melissa said...

HOLY COW GREG! Nice work! I started the same day you did, and I think I've actually GAINED weight! (well, maybe lost one pound) but still, SO PROUD OF YOU!

mom said...

Amazing Greg! Don't think in terms of staying away from anything forever, just temporarily and then returning with portion control and the discipline that you're gaining will make it possible. So proud of you.