A Nice Warm ICE BATH!

Ok, I lied... I wasn't the least bit nice, and it wasn't anything close to warm! The best part about after I got out is, I wasn't thinking about was how sore I was. I was thinking about how friggin cold I was! So if you are ever sore and need a break from that I totally recommend an ice bath.

Anyways... The first half of today felt like a really really lazy day. I spent all day on the computer hitting the refresh button on my browser, reading about the latest updates about apple new Ipad. For those of you that know me really well wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I was one of the first people to get one... and you're right. They are not for sale yet, but believe you me... I added my email address to get the system to get the email announcement for when they are! Anyways, enough about my dream employer.

I felt really good getting ready for todays run I was excited, and ready for the challenge. But once again when I got on that treadmill, I got my butt kicked. Probably a little bit less than last time but, yeah, Id call it a kicking... I'm not sure if I explained this weeks workout routine or not but here is what it consists of:

5 min. warmup walk, followed by 2 sets of the following. A 1 and a half min. run, followed by a 1 and a half min. walk, followed by a 3 min. run, followed by a 3 min. walk. doesn't seem like a lot, but in that time period I cover about 2 miles. So its a pretty good distance.

I have another question for everyone out there again. Does anyone know about the compression sleeves for shin splints? Mine are starting to get pretty beat up, and was looking into getting some, so any input would be nice!

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mom said...

Greg...It sounds like your body is screaming...SLOW DOWN. Running a marathon is a worthy goal. No one says it has to be done on any particular schedule, and you'll never make it with a beaten up body. Are you using Access bars before running and protein shakes to recover afterwards? If not...I'd recommend both AND REPLENX if you're not already taking it. It one thing to expect a lot of your body, but it's going to need something back from you if you plan to stay healthy during this. I hope that this blog doesn't make you feel more accountable to your readers than to yourself...the person that you started this journey for.

What other advise would you expect from your mom that loves you regardless of whether you run a marathon or not?? Be true to YOU and honor your body. You only have one.

Greg Kopp said...

It may sound like I'm kicking the crap out of my body, but it's nothing more than how I would have felt after any one of my football practices when I was in High School.

I know, that If I can't handle something, to slow down, and I know what pain is somewhat normal and what is an "oh thats no good" pain.

and right now, I am taking every other day off, and then also weekends off so my body has time to recoup.

But it is nice to know that my own mother is still worried about me!

Thanks for the support mom!