Getting Tougher

After a hard week it was nice to have the weekend off to recoup and let my body and mind rest a little bit so I could start this week off on the right foot. Get it?? Right foot... Get it?? Foot.... Running??? Oh, never mind...

Anyways... Today's workout was a lot tougher than I thought that it was going to be. Again Stupid me was taking a look at the workout schedule and said to myself, Oh wow, It seems like this week is going to be pretty easy compared to last weeks workout. Again, I was wrong.

I don't think it was as much of a struggle, but it really tested my endurance. I hope that I can get through this week because, In next weeks workouts it deals more with distances than it is time, so I'm hope that I won't be watching the clock counting down the seconds.

Does any one else have that problem when they run? Always staring at the clock to the point where you cant focus on anything important like your pace, and your breathing? I know the longer the distance, the more I am able to focus on those important parts!

Something else that I haven't really haven't mentioned the blog so far is stretching. Personally I am the last person that should be talking about this because I know that I don't stretch nearly as much as I should be. I think it's mostly because I really have no idea what stretches I should be doing. I know the basics touch your toes... lean to one side... lean to the other... sit down reach for your toes... you get the point. So I am going to do a bit of research about the stretches that I SHOULD be doing and Ill get back to you on that one.

If there's anyone that has some sort of routine that they go through and would like to share post it in the comments, and Ill post it on my next blog post! Thanks!!

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mom said...

Hey Greg. Looking at the clock is torture. Are you listening to anything while you run?? Music? A book. The best way for me to avoid looking at the clock on the bike is to be completely immersed in a good story. Right now I'm listening to The Lost Symbols by Dan Brown and it gets so exciting sometimes that I just keep riding to listen to it. I only listen when I'm on the bike so sometimes I want to ride just to see what's going on in the story. Just a suggestion. Even with music, I eventually get sick of it and go back to the clock because it's predictable. This way I get to keep up my "reading" too.

Another thing...listen to YOUR body. You'd be better off going slower than to push too hard and eventually injure yourself or burn out completely. Great things are accomplished by small increments done CONSISTENTLY. Better to something little CONSTANTLY that something big sporadically. It keeps momentum up and progress happening. I've found that same thing true in my business.