Eating Healthy

Since I've started I've been trying my hardest to watch what I eat, because In the long run I don't want to be a Fat Man running a marathon. I want to be Fit, In Shape, and Able to run the marathon.

Last night was one of the hardest nights that I've had while trying to eat healthy. It all started out with the fun idea that Mandy (my wife) and I go out to dinner and a movie. At the time it was a great idea, we decided that we could go to Applebees, and then catch the late show of Avatar 3D. It sounded fun, but when we were about half way to the restaurant I realized going out to eat usually means an appetizer, a huge meal, followed by desert. Not to mention I would normally have 3 to 4 refills on my Coke or Pepsi. (but I have recently given up pop). Then at the movie I usually grab a HUGE popcorn and an Extra Large Coke or Pepsi- Because there's nothing more annoying than having to get up and get more while the movie is playing. After realizing this, the fun evening in my mind had turned into a nightmare, and I was NOT looking forward to it anymore. I almost said screw it, Im going to eat what I want tonight, it's a special night, I am out on a date. But then the thought of this blog came into my mind, and how excited I was yesterday with the progress that I had made this far, I did not want to ruin it with one night out.

We got to the restaurant sat down and I started looking over the menu... Normally Mandy and I split the Appetizer Sampler: Which include: Mozzarella Sticks, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Cheese Quesadilla, and Boneless Buffalo Wings. Then I saw my usual meal the Cowboy Burger: topped with and onion ring, barbeque sauce, jack and cheddar cheese, and apple wood bacon! Again I thought Screw it, Then thought about all my progress. I eventually had to man up and tell myself that I was NOT going to screw this up!

After taking some time to look at the menu, Mandy and I eventually settled on an appetizer of chips an salsa. Not great I know, but a heck of a lot better than the sampler!

When it came time to order our meals, I had found an area on the menu where all the meals were under 550 Calories! You'll never believe what I ordered! An Asiago Peppercorn Steak: A 7 oz. sirloin steak, grilled and topped with cracked peppercorn and melted Asiago Cheese, served with steamed herb potatoes, broccoli , and squash! It was absolutely Amazing!

Finally desert came around. Since I had been pretty good, for the rest of the meal I figured that I could splurge just a little bit on desert, where Mandy and I split a Triple Chocolate Meltdown. LUCKLY the desert only came with one spoon, so I politely asked for another, and let Mandy start... but by the time the spoon came, there was a good portion missing, but I was more than okay with that.

We then left the restaurant and headed to the movie theater, where I decided i had already splurged at dinner by eating half of the desert, so I wasn't going to get anything there. and believe it or not, It IS possible to go to a movie and NOT eat popcorn!

In my eyes the evening went surprisingly well, after telling myself I wasn't going to screw this up I knew I was going to have to make some changes. I know I may not have made the best choices in what I ate last night, but I know they were a heck of a lot better than what I normally would have eaten!

After spending A LONG time trying to look up the nutritional values of what I could have eaten last night at Applebees I came across this:

We provide Weight Watchers Points® values on all of our Weight Watchers® items. We do not provide nutritional information on other Applebee's® items, except where required by law.

Does anyone else think this is wrong??? No wonder so many people are obese these days! The restaurants they eat at don't tell them what they are eating!

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jtopp said...

O herro! I have an arising problem about that eating healthier. How about the Chinese food? Now that can't be good on the body. Did anyone say steamed vegetables? Help me figure out this predicament I am in. Other than not being able to splurge the awesomeness of chicken from china,I totally agree with the whole eating healthy thing. Lately I have been pretty bad at that myself. If you don't mind I would love to jump on that band wagon with you. Great job with concentrating on your goals, its all about will power and you got it! Keep up the good work!

Greg Kopp said...

Yeah, poor china buffet is a thing of the past... I will miss you my fattening friend!

Melissa said...

Do you get cable? I've started watching "The Biggest Loser," and it's really quite motivating. I wish I had thirty-forty episodes to help me over the next couple of months.

I've heard that weight loss is 1 part exercise and 2 parts diet. Not sure if that's true, but I think I'm going to keep that in mind, as I try to tone up for Vegas.

Greg kopp said...

Mandy and I watch the biggest loser all the time! It's actually where I got the idea to run a marathon!