Stupid Hip

Well so much for my hip being in place! It started off great, running felt good, and all the sudden sharp pains started shooting through my hip and leg! I was not excited. lucky for me I was close to the end of my workout and was able to take it easy for the remainder. Now I am icing it hoping that it will help.

While I was still on the treadmill I did a little experiment (probably shouldn't have but I did anyways) I thought to myself I wonder if it would hurt as much if I ran faster? and gosh darn it, it actually hurt less. So I wonder if there is something that I'm doing when running slower than when I am running faster. Maybe when I take longer strides I don't have as hard of an impact when run?

Maybe this would be a question I could ask a pro. So If there are any running pros out there that are taking a look at my blog PLEASE feel free to leave a comment! - Anyways, enough about my hip.

One thing that I am really excited is the progress I am making. Not only my running progress, but my weight loss progress. When I started this whole marathon quest I weighed about 268 lbs. Since the 4th I have lost a total of 3.5 lbs! as of this morning before running I am at 264.5 lbs! It may not seem like a lot, but you have to think I've only been at it for 9 days. (averaging about .38 lbs a day) hopefully this keeps up, and by the time I am able to run a 5k I will have lost about 24 lbs! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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