Ok... I Tried

Today sucked! Since I started this whole quest thing I have been battling shin splints and some pain in my hip. Yesterday I withstood the pain, and worked through it. but today I couldn't. I started my normal warmup with no problems. As soon as I picked up the pace a little bit my shins started killing me. I played football, so shin splints are a normal thing that I eventually will just get use to and/ or they finally go away. The one thing that I haven't been able to shake is the pain in my hip. It hurts to walk, it hurts to run, it hurts to sit. part of me thinks its out, and i need to visit the chiropractor. Another part of me is hoping that i don't get the hip problems that run in the family, that my mom constantly warned my brothers and I about while were all playing high school football.

So anyways. I wasn't able to what I wanted to do today, and that really pissed me off. Id been doing so good for the last week and this is how my exercising attempts usually go. I either forget to run one day, and then somehow forget the rest of week, then month, then for how ever long it takes me to gain back my weight, and start feeling depressed about it. Or somehow It starts going really well. Then I hurt something, and it never really gets better. So I say ill wait till this or that feels better to run, and never do. Hence the real reason that I started this blog! If I get enough people following me, there is no way that Ill just stop writing... If I put myself out there, I will not fail. Sure on the inside I want to quit, and sure I think to myself... WHAT THE HELL DID I START A BLOG FOR??? NOW I CAN'T QUIT, EVERYONE WILL KNOW!

So that's where you the reader comes in. The more you visit, the more support I have to continue with this... (I have a stat counter, so I know that people visit, even if they don't leave comments)... But in any case, Leave me comments! let me know you are reading this. Leave me words of encouragement. Let me know if you are striving to do something... a goal you may have, maybe you are trying to learn something, anything... just leave something so I know you are out there!!!


mmemartinez said...

After reading your first few posts, I think you are doing this wrong...no offense. I'm not an expert, but if you haven't run in a long time, going 7.5 is probably way too fast, and you should rest every other day.

Try the couch to 5k program first, once you can run 3 miles at a steady pace, then start a marathon training program. Rest, cross training and strength conditioning are just as important as the actual running.

I was training for a half, which downgraded itself to a relay, which is now in the air because I have tendonitis in my foot.

If you keep up what you're doing you will probably make yourself hurt worse. Also, your hip pain could maybe be your hip flexor muscle rather than the joint, so do some stretches in that area to help...I had problems in that area and was told that oftentimes that muscle becomes really weak because all we do today is sit at work on the computer, or sit and study, or sit and watch tv...etc, etc.

Take it slower than you maybe want to, and with time you will see it become much easier!

-LMM (we went to NCHS together and are friends on facebook....totally random I know, but I was intrigued :)

Greg Kopp said...

I do really appreciate your comment! Like I had said in my first post, I really have no training or experience for this type of thing. Today I realize that 7.5 was a STUPID way to start. I was on the treadmill trying to find a good pace that gave me a little bit of a challenge and 7.5 seemed good.

But you are right, I think I need to tone it down a bit and get my endurance up before I go and try that again.

jtopp said...

I'm here Greg if you would like a workout partner! Does DDR Count as a workout? I know I get a pretty good sweat doin it. Keep it up Greg, the first couple of weeks will be hard, but after you get into a routine its like just another normal day. Remember if you need me i'm just a hop, skip, and jump away!

Melissa said...

Hey - SERIOUSLY...try the couch to 5K thing. It really will help in the getting adjusted phase.

ALSO - ask mom to get you (or if you still order it yourself) get some of the Melaleuca bars. I have been doing power 90 for years on those bars, and I never have any soreness on the next day lactic-acid build up. It HELPS A LOT! Then start taking Replenex. Mom or I can get it for you, it was the only thing I could take while running to help my knees. I had quite running because my knees hurt so bad, but once I started taking it, the problems were gone. It should help with your hip.

You've inspired me!