Hey everyone! I know its been a REALLY long time since my last post, but I figured that its about time that I get back on the bus! Its a good thing that I have a motivational blog that I can follow... haha, and who better to motivate myself than MYSELF! 

I look back at my old posts and I am amazed at what I use to do!  SO who's with me? lets get back at this,  lose the access weight, and get back to where I was!

Lets do it!

After not running in forever, I decided to go back where I started... a COUCH to 5K program. that way I am not overdoing it,  and i can get back into it slowly!

Heres a link to the program that I am going to use:  Couch to 5K


anita stout said...

Glad you're back! It was so encouraging watching your progress. Would probably be even more encouraging to JOIN you and watch my own progress. Keep posting. I could use the incentive!