The Pain, The Pain!

Okay, here's what's up. I can finish my runs with no problems, but as soon as I stop EVERYTHING starts to hurt. I can barely walk. My hip doesn't want to work and my shins feel like they are broken. I honestly feel like an old person that needs a cane or walker to get around. I seriously have no idea why this happens. It doesn't happen when I walk between runs, or when I am running. I don't know if it has anything to do with only having 1 day between last week and this weeks workouts, or if my body just needs something that It's not getting.

I really don't know what else to say about todays run. It wasn't that great of a run, and I've had worse days. So I guess that I can't complain. I finished it. I guess that's all that matters. I am starting to think I'm hitting a wall, leveling out... or what ever you would say in running terms. If anyone has any tips for getting through this PLEASE let me know!

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m said...

Here's what I got from David. He says...for some reason, working upper body actually helps with running. He doesn't even know why. Are you having protein right after you run? It's important to feed the muscle that you just broke down. Other than that...I've got nothing. I told David how fast you ran and he was surprised that you'd be running that speed this early. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe you need to slow it down a bit.

the old guy said...

Hey Greg

You need to stretch after running almost as much as before. And if it's your hip, do the stretch - on your back, leg straight up , and move your straight leg over your body towards the floor. you will really feel it in your hip if done right