It Feels Good to be Back!

After what seemed to be an extremely short/ busy weekend I was able to get another run in this evening, and I can't believe how good I feel after all is said and done. But boy is it hard to get motivated still! I just cant seem to LIKE to run. It always seems like a chore. I commented on someones blog that has been having the same problem, I told them that even though I haven't learned to like to run, I like the feeling that I am getting after I am running, and that right there is enough to keep me going.

The real test is going to be the upcoming months, we are planning on doing some remodeling around the house, and when i say remodeling, Im actually going to be helping. It's going to be a challenge to get the motivation after working all day on the house to then go and run. Anyone have any suggestions? I know there is the possibility of working out in the mornings before all the work gets started, but I am just not a morning person.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I am enjoying hearing about your quest....I miss your cooking blog :-(

I know that one would probably not help the other, so I understand! Keep up the good work!!!

Christine Klotz Busse

Raegun said...

Know what? I'm with you 100%! I still have to convince myself to get out there and run, even though it has become easier over the past few months. I still don't "love" it.

The important thing is that you are getting back out there. I thought of your blog when I was writing my recent post about refusing to let failure hold you back from achieving what you want. Please stop by and give it a read.

Doing renovations is a big commitment. Could you try to run as soon as you got home from work, before starting on the remodel?

Anonymous said...

I started loosing weight two years ago by reducing portion sizes of carbs and protein. Last January I started running training and I ran a marathon on Sunday. I broke down at mile 20 having gone to quick but also not really trained for the distance. I finished in 5.24 walking the last 7 miles. It was not ideal and I want to go back and run a marathon but its still great to have got to mile 19. Advise I'd give is train your long runs building slowly. Do not over stretch cause you'll blow things and run during the week at maybe no more than one min/mile faster than race pace. build slowly and try to avoid the injuries which are going to happen but need no encourager. Running long runs will help you loose weight but I find things like fizzy sugary drinks or things with sugar give me appetite so I avoid them, though I eat M and M's and the odd bar with choclate covered shortcake as they have not too much of anything bad. I am so sore now and feeling a bit a drift but will be back training again soon and hope to build back to 25 mile week in about 6 weeks time.