Hot Day For a Run

Hey Everyone! I just got finished a 2.5 mile run and boy was it hot outside! it's 85 with a heat index of 89! and it wasn't even noon! I am just really glad that Mandy brought up running early. I still cant believe how out of shape I am! It's surprising how quickly you can lose all that you've worked for! I cant wait to get back to where I was at and start running 5 miles every run again. I don't want to feel like I am completely starting from scratch! Well, I guess I wouldn't call it starting from scratch since when I started I couldn't even run a mile without stopping... but I feel like I have lost a lot of my running enthusiasm, and it's starting to feel more like work that It is fun. I just need some more motivation! anyone out there have any motivators? What do you do to keep yourself running when your body is telling you no?

One thing that I am really going to have to start watching is my food intake, ever since I got back from working this summer, I have been all over the place eating what ever I want, when ever I want. I need some sort of meal schedule that I can follow that tells me what to eat and when to eat, along with shopping lists and instructions on how to make everything. Mandy has always wanted to have a meal plan where you make all of your food ahead of time like on sunday, then freeze what ever you made, and have something ready to just pop in the microwave or oven for dinner. I know that I have seen a couple of different plans like that, but I don't think that I have ever seen one where the meals are really healthy and are actually good. Any suggestions?

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Melissa said...

One thing that's great about fall and winter is homemade soup. There are so many options that are naturally healthy, and really filling. I'll make a few batches with you when you come out to see me!

Keep it up, Greg! Don't forget - you've been in the "this is work" phase before. It'll pass!

Raegun said...

It's always difficult to ease back into routine - don't be too hard on yourself, Greg. Maybe just focus on getting out for a run 3-4 times per week and the mileage will build again.
As for meal plans, you may want to check out a copy of Clean Eating Magazine. It contains dozens of healthy recipes and each issue also has a 2-week meal plan (including shopping lists!). It includes a lot of fresh vegetables, fruit, lean protein and whole grains. The whole premise is built off of eating well and eating less processed foods. Check it out!

Ian Gallagher said...

wow great blog. really interesting!

you've lost a tonne of weight. you must feel great!

your fitness will come back soon enough after your break so dont beat yourself up about it. A little rest is good.
Happy training!

Spyder said...

So good to see you loose weight, been overweight before and it's really not easy to discipline ourselves...

Martin234 said...

Don't worry, it will all come back fast when it is all said and done. Just keep training hard and everything should fall into place. Try to get a run in when you can, anything helps when it comes to training. It gets rough sometimes trying to work around schedules.Keep up the good work and training!!!!