Another 2 1/4 Mile Run

Okay, I think I have come up with a solution to one of my biggest problems when running... until recently, when I run I just cant get myself to push through about a mile to a mile and a half. I just hit a wall, physically and mentally. Today when I was running something hit me... running is a totally different sport than any sport I have ever played or been a part of!

While I played football I was put in charge of either blocking or tackling a single individual and in order to accomplish this I would need to be tense, worked up, and full of adrenaline. I usually prepared myself to be all of those by listening to really loud music with a really fast paced beat. It would get my heart racing, the adrenaline pumping, and I was ready to kick some butt.

But like I said, running is completely different. I've tried running tense, worked up, and full of adrenaline, and all it has gotten me by end mile 1 is tired, worn out, and tense. Now this is where my brilliant idea popped into my head. Rather than playing my techno music with the really hard beats that I end up running to and breathing to. What if i were to play relaxing, soothing music? Would that help me run further? To answer the question, YES it did help! Being relaxed while I was running made a world of difference. I wasn't trying to match my step to the beat, therefore making my stride more natural. I wasn't breathing to the beat, which in turn made it easier to breath, and I felt like I wasn't so out of breath. It also cleared my mind. I was able to run without thinking, right foot, left foot, breathe in for 3 steps breathe out for 2 steps. It all came natural and it felt amazing!

I even did a little test while I was running... I started off playing my calm soothing music, and about half way through the run I changed to my techno music and instantly I started running to the beat and, breathing to the beat. I am not going to lie... the music was a nice pick me up but about 1/4 of the way through the song, I became tired, out of breath and almost stopped running. then switched back to relaxing music and again, was able to relax and breathe! I also realized the entire time I had been running to techno music, any time a song would change, I would change my step and my breathing... No wonder I was getting so tired, and worn out!

Well, with that said, I'll keep everyone updated on how my running goes with my new music choice!

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mom said...

Look at YOU. Not only are you getting sleek and fit, you're becoming enlightened as well. There will be no living with you after this.
Congratulations. Its all about growth while you're shrinking.

Love ya and have an Easter Squirrel on me. Just make it DARK chocolate. :)

Weebee said...

As a former runner I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! Although my weight is under control I am unable to run a mile without stopping! Good for you! This coming from the girl who would log 10 miles a day in high school. Unfortunately running is something you have to maintain on a daily/weekly basis, otherwise your progress gets stalled... ahem, like mine. SO KEEP RUNNING YOUR FAT MAN'S MARATHON!!! GOOD LUCK!